Industrial Services

Badger Industries works with worldwide brand leaders in many different industries to bring their visions to life through Professionalism, Performance and Protection of Quality.

This reputation has provided continual growth and has established Badger Industries as the leader in metal finishing services since 1969. We provide high quality, efficient, and cost-effective polishing and finishing operations for a wide variety of industrial components while fulfilling each item’s unique specifications. As we have grown, we have incorporated many value-added services to complement our main manufacturing processes.

Value-Added Services:

  • Supply chain management of raw materials and purchased components
  • Assembly, including purchasing components
  • Gasket placement and leak testing
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Relief baking for prevention of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Rust inhibitor coating
  • Part cleaning
  • Inspecting and sorting
  • Kit packing
  • Packaging
  • Logistics and transportation management